Dukes of hazzard reunion movie

Uncle jesse faces a lawsuit from mama josephine maxx for access across duke property to the hazzard swamp, where she intends to build a theme park. The beginning is a 2007 american madefortelevision buddy comedy film and a prequel to the 2005 film the dukes of hazzard. Coming attractions for you 2020s most anticipated movies. As this list grows, it provides more and more clues about why i am so smart and. Television movie updating the adventures of the dukes of hazzard, a cbs series which was broadcast from january 26, 1979 to february 8, 1985.

Dukes of hazzard tv dbfe dvd and the dukes of hazzard. Two madefortv reunion movies with the original cast were also made, in 1997 and 2000. Tv movie 1997 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. While working on a massachusetts musical last august, tom wopat, the actor who played luke, was charged with groping a female cast member, and later, of assaulting another female cast member, this one just 16 years old. It is sometimes referred to as reunion in hazzard this film was dedicated in loving memory to those members of the series cast and crew whom had died. Tom wopat, john schneider, catherine bach dukes of hazzard.

For the reunion movie, this original pitch was then updated to reflect the passing of. John schneider tom wopat sing just two good ole boys final nashville now show duration. The dvds have no special features, except that disc 1 reunion. If you love the original dukes of hazzard show, buy this dvd set. In addition, the dvds are also subtitled and closed captioning. Dukes of hazzard reunion canceled amid john schneider. With tom wopat, john schneider, catherine bach, denver pyle. The internet was still new to everyone and only a few dukes of hazzard based webpages were out there.

In hazzard county, bo and luke help their uncle jesse and their sexy cousin daisy run the moonshine business and always getting into trouble with sherriff roscoe p. Phil mandelker, sorrell booke, paul picard, and jim mohlmann. A theatrical motion picture version of the series was made in 2005 starring seann william scott as bo, johnny knoxville as luke, jessica simpson as daisy, willie nelson as uncle jesse, and burt reynolds as boss hogg, with a 2007 madefortv prequel. The dukes of hazzard reunion tv movie, behind the scenes, unofficial 1996 duration. Phil mandelker, sorrell booke spelled incorrectly as sorrel, paul.

The dukes of hazzard season 5 compilation duration. Seventeen years after the conclusion of its sixyear cbs network run, the dukes of hazzard is still seen in reruns daily on the nashville network. This film was dedicated in loving memory to those members of the series cast and crew who had died. John schneider and tom wopat as fastdriving luke and bo duke, catherine bach as their leggy cousin daisy duke, and james best as. Mama josephine max wants to build a theme park in hazzard, right on the duke family farm. With randy wayne, jonathan bennett, april scott, joel david moore. Reunion when this movie was made, the only real gathering place for us dukes fans was the dukes of hazzard fan club. General lee vs double zero, dukes of hazzard reunion movie. Thrillbillies bo and luke duke are southern cousins. The dukes of hazzard wiki is a free, public and collaborative project for all, to help create a definitive encyclopedia for the television show the dukes of hazzard it contains articles, images and videos about the most different topics relating to the dukes of hazzard and to the related tv series and films, for example to the episodes of the tv series, to the characters appearing in the tv. Im not aware its available for download but it is on dvd, packaged with the second reunion movie hazzard in hollywood.

Everything dukes of hazzard related tribute page behind. The good ole boys return to try to save hazzard swamp and uncle. Bo and luke get back behind the wheel of their 69 charger thats the general lee to you uninitiated folk to keep the hazzard county swamp from becoming a theme park in the dukes of hazzard. To stop her, bo and luke have to win a crosscountry moonshine race. The dukes of hazzard tv double feature dvd, 2008, 2disc. May 25, 2005 starring johnny knoxville, seann william scott, jessica simpson and burt reynolds. To do so, they have to dust off the general lee and win a crosscountry moonshine race. Teenaged cousins bo and luke duke spend their first few weeks in hazzard county getting into trouble running outlawed liquor in order to save their uncle jesses farm. The reunion movie was followed up with the dukes of hazzard.

Yes, it is still another tv program i have never ever seen. This film was dedicated in loving memory to those members of the series cast and crew whom had died. The official facebook page for the dukes of hazzard. I seen the dukes of hazzard reunion movie back in 1997 and i loved it but when they said lets to a remake movie of the dukes of hazzard the movie stunk and stunk bad. The dukes of hazzard tv movie double feature reunion.

The second of the dukes of hazzard reunion films the first was broadcast in 1997, this one features five regulars from the original series. An edited version of the film originally aired on abc family channel on march 4, 2007 and the rrated and unrated versions were released on dvd march. Find similar and related movies for dukes of hazzard. Cousins bo, luke and daisy duke return to hazzard county for an annual homecoming where they come up against an. The good ole boys return to try to save hazzard swamp and uncle jesses farm from being destroyed by a crooked developers mama josephine max plans to build a theme park. Whats often forgotten these days is that the original. It didnt take long for all sorts of rumors to spread about the cars being used on the reunion. The dukes of hazzard reunion show on the set with john 1996\runofficial.

Phil mandelker, sorrell booke spelled incorrectly as sorrel. The dukes of hazzard two movie collection 2 discs dvd. Plans for a dukes of hazzard reunion on the hallmark channel have reportedly been called off amid reallife legal issues. A dumb, goofy, and vacuous adaptation of a tv show where plot is simply an excuse to string together the car chases. The cast was mostly all casted wrong and the only 3 actors who was casted right was david koechner who played cooter and willie nelson who played uncle jessie and jessica. Its a retread of a sitcom that ran from about 1979 to 1985, years during which i was able to find better ways to pass my time. After that, the pair land a bigtime recording deal in the dukes of hazzard. The dukes of hazzard reunion tv movie, behind the scenes. Hazzard in hollywood the good ole boys return to try to save hazzard swamp and uncle.

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