Wasteful spending in afghanistan book

Lies, spin, over a trillion dollars wasted, and no strategy. The annual, lengthy account features 100 examples of federal costs. In this meticulously reported and illuminating book, rajiv chandrasekaran. More and more it seems that americas legacy in afghanistan will be one of waste, fraud and abuse. She is the author of patton uncovered, a book about general george patton in. Congress to probe pentagons wasteful spending in afghanistan. Bizarre examples of wasteful government spending reader. Senator john mccain knows only too well about defense waste as a decorated navy pilot. And the wasteful spending much of which occurred under former president barack obamas watch continues to this day. Here are 50 of the most egregious examples of government waste. While governors begged for vital medical supplies, the spending packages each contained massive increases even. Congress to probe pentagons wasteful afghanistan spending.

Is there wasteful spending in the coronavirus stimulus bill. Report will cite wasteful spending on iraq, afghanistan. Here are nrs topten favorite which is to say, most scoffworthy and absurd examples of how the government wastes your time, energy, and hardearned cash. In 2015, lankford also introduced the taxpayers right to. Monuments to wasteful spending in afghanistan the us militarys lavish new headquarters in afghanistan has been completed just in time for our exit. So our fourth angloafghan war has been a waste of blood on both. Tom coburns celebrated wastebook, which revealed billions of wasteful spending. Private companies like halliburton profited handsomely from pentagon contracts for their projects in afghanistan, such as. Tim walberg r michigan said in a twitter post, commenting on the issue. This level of wasteful spending is simply staggering and unacceptable, rep. No ones saying debate or the model united nations programs are wasteful or unimportant, but there is an argument to be made about whether the u. What do nasas green ninja, calm wives and military weapons in afghanistan have in common. Audit finds us defense department wasted hundreds of. Book party made by history five myths posteverything.

Of all the flaws with the afghanistan nationbuilding campaign the waste, the inefficiency, the halfbaked ideas nothing confounded u. In its earliest days, the americanled war in afghanistan appeared to be a triumpha. A program, policy, purchase or building that has not fulfilled its purpose or achieved its goals, has involved misspending, or involved spending required as a result of poor decision making. Until the pentagon and other agencies become transparent with their spending, the taxpayers will never know. Panel cites billions in wasteful spending on war contractors report points to deficiencies in oversight were real proud of being able to go into a war theater. Well, sir, thats what you just obligated us to spend and im doing it for communities. By 2020, the author of a new book says, britain will have spent at least. Audit finds us defense department wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Here are the most wasteful government projects in 2019. Back in the united states, wasteful spending abounds. Heres how the military wasted your money in afghanistan. Trashed troops health and squandered millions a strongly worded government report says the poor sanitation skills of the pentagon and.

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